Litigation is generally thought of as the process of resolving rights-based disputes through the court system, from filing a law suit through arguments on legal motions, a discovery phase involving formal exchange of information, courtroom trial and appeal.

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In our complicated world involving human interactions, it seems more and more that people turn to the law for resolving their disputes. Sometimes you are the person who has been wronged and needs assistance. Other times you are the person who is wrongly accused. Our attorneys are experienced in handling litigation in many different areas of law and appear in both state and federal courts throughout the state of Indiana. Because litigation is governed by a set of very complex and confusing rules, it is important to have the attorney involved from the beginning to guide you. Let us address the legal matter that is facing you and we can determine if we can be of assistance, and which attorney is right for the case.  When you contact us, if your case does not fit one of the practice areas, just ask for any attorney and they will guide you to the right place.

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